Monday, May 19, 2008


20 PTS and 11 BOARDS no longer a sign of offensive skills for National Basketball Association players.

Mike Francesca declared today that Kevin Garnett had no offensive skills, i.e. an inability to put the basketball into the net. As Francesca was continuing on about the lack of offensive skills of KG, our friends at YES put the full screen graphic up that illustrated Mike's point to a T. Garnett is averaging 20 PTS and 11 rebounds throughout the playoffs. A complete lack of offensive skills.

COME ON NOW!! Mike, please KG did not average 20 pts throughout the entire playoffs on luck, they don't start the games out with the score 18 to 0 and Garnett has all 18 points and then he somehow manages to actually score 2 points in the game.

Oh by the way, KG has averaged 20 pts and 11 boards throughout his entire NBA career. It's quite an amazing feat without an offensive skills. How did KG do that Mikey?

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