Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Anticipation

Sometimes there is nothing better than the anticipation of that 1:04PM "Goood Afternoon Everybodyyyyyy!!" from Chris Russo. Those days when either one or multiple New York teams are struggling. Those Mondays after the Yanks or Mets get swept.  Those days where you were half rooting for your own team to lose on Sunday because you knew it made for a better show on Monday (Jed, you know what I am talking about).  Well today CAN be one of those days.  If the Mets lose today, we will hear the names Bobby Valentine, Larry Bowa, Gary Carter.  The fans will be packing Willie's suitcase for him.  We will be shipping out everyone associated with the Mets, even Jay Horowitz.  You will hear the word "enigma" a lot.

But here's something to consider.  Perhaps the Mets stagnant play can be attributed to just one player. Take a look at Jose Reyes this year, compared with a former Met shipped away:

Jose Reyes: .258 BA, 22 runs, 2 HR, 14 RBI, 12SB
Carlos Gomez: .272BA, 22 runs, 3 HR, 14 RBI, 16SB

How in the world is Gomez outplaying Reyes? Let's hope Mike and Chris realize how much Reyes has destroyed this team.  Where in the world has Jose Reyes gone?

3:14PM Update: Jose Reyes just made one of the worst plays of his career, trying to go first to third on a sac bunt to kill a Mets rally. If the Nats hang on for one more inning, Mike and the Dog could be legend-wait-for-it-dary.  Stay tuned.


Yosh said...

A- this is the greatest blog in history. Millie would be proud.
B- Your Gomez-Reyes comparison is incendiary and bullshit. Its exactly the type of point mike and dog bring up to illicit livid phone calls. Gomez showed NO signs of being a capable major league hitter last year. Scouts panned his discipline and approach, and aquiring Johan for such a questionable chip can only be considered a steal. Its May. The weather hasn't hit 70 yet. Relax...Or better yet, pipe down.

First Time, Long Time said...

Yosh. Nice to have you aboard. Perhaps you misunderstood me. I am by no way saying the Mets were wrong to dump Gomez for Santana. That trade was and will always be highway robbery. What I am showing however is how far Reyes has fallen. He should never even be mentioned in the same sentence with Carlos Gomez and at the present time, you can do that. Now I agree it's early, but Mike and the Dog are going to have a field day with this Mets team all season long.

gman26 said...

first time - i thought this was a Mike and mad dog blog. Not some place for you to moan about the Mets.

First Time, Long Time said...

Gman, it is a mike and the mad dog blog and i am curious how mike and chris will deal with reyes