Thursday, May 22, 2008


umm.. to quote Vin Scully "I can't believe what i just saw..."

A caller asked Mike and Chris if the Meet the Mets song would change now that the Mets are not going to playing at Shea anymore. (now, why is this what someone is calling in about is beyond me, but I digress). Mike said that the inclusion of Shea was a new thing and not in the original song..

A caller then follows with a remark about how Mike once sang the Meet the Mets song. We come back from break and there it is on YES..

Mike and Chris and Minko singing MEET THE METS. Besides learning the Mike cannot sing, the big news here, already hardly a 20 20 news flash, is that Christopher Mad Dog Russo, could not find a beat if it was handed to him with a map, a compass and Ringo Star, John Bonham, telling him when to clap. He's just throwing his arms around and screaming...

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