Friday, May 30, 2008

Why We Hate Part 2

Isn't there room for more than one mike and the mad dog site? We thought so. Francesca's ego demands it and if there are 1400 sites for Britney Spears, Mike and Chris certainly deserve two. So we were astonished by the terrible job out of when they banned our posts under the belief that they are the only place for MMD. Even Timmy Russo knows that's an awful job. Below is the post on yesterday that got us banned:

Could ya please with the elitism? The whole idea that this site 'owns' Mike and the Mad Dog is absurd.
Son, we live in a world that has blogs. And those blogs have to be written by men with balls. Who's going to do that? You Captain2? You Joepeedrio?(names of posters who had criticized initial post) You criticize mikeandthemadblog and curse our website. You have that luxury.


Anonymous said...

That site is going downhill fast; it's becoming the same conversation every day among a shrinking group of people who are more interested in critiquing other posts than they are in M&MD. Basically it's one guy writing some elaborate (sometimes funny) post, and a bunch of others posting "LOL" or "OMG! LMAO!" It's about as interesting as reading text messages that 13-year-old girls send each other.

DF said...

Are they taking there ball and going home?

The last thing you want on a message board about Mike and the Mad Dog is more people talking about Mike and the Mad Dog. Really?

First Time, Long Time said...

apparently they fear us as competition to their site. So we will just take that as a compliment, "say thank you and go on our way"

Gregg Hopps said...

You guys rock. You are just laugh out loud funny. I won;t even go to that "other" blog. In fact I read you guys everday!! Keep up the totally awesome job.

First Time, Long Time said...

gregg..glad you're enjoying. pass it along to any friends who like or dislike mike and the mad dog..

Anonymous said...

Farkin finally! You hit those arseholes right on the head. Those "we are respectful to ALL opinions and let anyone post as they wish"

Yeah, bullsheet. I posted for about 2 months on there. Personally I HATE M MD, as I do ANY disrespectful condescending person. And I think their show is number one because of its time slot and city. MOST CERTAINLY NOT THEM. Well, these "accepting" administrators raked me over the coals for my OPINION. That was my last post. I guess MMD got some "admirers" there. Screw them. Their response to you is EXACTLY what I thought it would be when I first read your blog.

Anonymous PERFECTLY described the present state of that "site".

Pronk said...

From today's board, about a post from 24+ hours ago:
*ACQ We should start a message board for you!*
One of countless examples of self-congratulatory posts -- which is fine, it's a compliment -- but as we know, these guys freak out about starting new threads, as though there are only so many to go around, and every one has to be a rousing success.

Mike45 said...

I used to be hooked on that site, but I'm down to a couple of times a week, if that. And, as others have said, it's NOT a blog, it's basically a chat room for guys to comment about each other's posts.

Anonymous said...

A couple of the regulars on that site are pretty pathetic. There's someone who posts once in a while as "Maggie" and there are some who agree with absolutely everything she writes, argue over her, and/or defend her from anyone who disagrees with her.

I always think how great it would be if "Maggie" was a dude, laughing at all these guys jumping through hoops trying to impress him/her.