Friday, May 23, 2008

Francesa: Hernandez would take Mets job

I joke around about Mike and Chris, but Francesa just provided a nugget on why their show is a must listen if you are a New York sports fan. While talking about new Mets managers if Willie ever got fired, Francesa just confessed this bit of information:

"I asked Keith at Yankee Stadium last week, I said 'Keith, if they offered you the job, would you say yes?' And he said "Yes."

To me, this is fascinating news. Is there any other person that a Mets fan would love to see on that bench running the team? You think Keith wouldn't rip into the guys who aren't hustling? And now to hear that he would take the job when he has a nice cushy broadcasting gig...but here's the thing, why the hell did Mike just reveal this now? If it was off the record, then he would never have revealed it at all. But we have sat through fire willie talk for over a week or so and have had to endure dozens of managers names being thrown out. Do you think we would have liked to hear that tidbit earlier on?? Mikey, why are you holding out on us?

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Anonymous said...

Keith hernandez running the show. Thats what the Mets need right now. Overrunning bases, eyes bugged out of their head, nostrils rimmed white...........Well, at least everyone would be hustling.