Thursday, May 22, 2008


It has been days since the Willie Randolph story broke in the Bergen Record. Mike and the Mad Dog have taken numerous calls, several interviews including a vital one with Baltimore Orioles manager Dave Trembley, along with a 10 minute call with Tony Russo, who is not happy with the way that the Yankees are playing. I might have not been watching but there is a good chance they talked with Jim Nantz about some book his plugging. They love Nantz. GREAT JOB OUT OF NANTZ!

But i would like to say that it is a TERRIBLE JOB out of EDDIE ERICKSON to not have booked Ian O Connor. How difficult is that booking? Does no one have his number? Is his headshot not ready? Are they not allowed because of their weekly informational sessions with Jon Heyman?

Wouldn't an interview with Ian O Connor provide some necessary information to Mets fans.

Question 1: Ian, was the conversation off the record?
Question 2: What was Willie's state during the interview? Why was he so angry after just beating the Yankees?
Question 3: How did the race issue come up?

There would be more like this and I bet we would get some new information that we never had up to this point..

Since it doesn't look like that's happening, here is Ian O Connors quotes from today's Bergen Record about what Willie said on the WFAN

O’Connor responded to Randolph’s claims, stating, “I’m sorry Willie feels the way he does. But when I interviewed him in the visitors clubhouse at Yankee Stadium Sunday he never asked for any part of the conversation to be off the record. Nor did I offer to put any part of the conversation off the record. I asked him pointed questions and tape recorded the interview. If he had made the request for any portion of the interview to be off the record of course I would have honored it.”


First Time, Long Time said...

Sam..the problem is that if they got O'Connor and got all the necessary answers they were looking for, then there wouldn't be anything left to discuss...the door would be closed. This way, instead of getting real answers, they can continue to speculate all day long.

lt sam weinberg said...

long time, i disagree. They have O Connor on before, they will have him on again. How can they continue to talk about a local news story with a local reporter and not get the writer on the air? And even if they did talk to him, the callers would still want to say that Willie should go and Mike and Chris will have their own opinions anyway.

Anonymous said...

Francesa would never have Ian O'Connor on the air if it was totally up to him. It all goes back to when Ian criticized Parcell's handling of the Neil O'Donnell/Ray Lucas QB situation. Mike is so far up Bill's butt you can catch a glimpse of Mike's eyes when Bill smiles.