Monday, May 19, 2008

Behind the Scenes

I know a lot of you wonder about what goes on behind the scenes here at the Mike and the Mad Blog. Instead of waxing poetic about the goings-on here, I've decided to provide you a glimpse into an email conversation with a longtime reader of the mike and the mad blog (Except for "I" -that's me- all other names have been changed). This conversation started during Friday's show and offers a peek into the psyche of all Mike and the Mad Dog fans:

> >> On 5/16/08 2:14 PM, "Ted" wrote:
I'm tivoing the start right now. I'm off today, ready to go sit on the couch. My plan is to start 20 minutes behind and get three
free fast forwards. I'm going to count how many times I hear "train wreck, anemic, enigma, disarray, and wilpon".

> On 5/16/08, 2:37PM, "I" Wrote:
Sort of a weak start to the show today.

> On 5/17/08 4:57 PM,"Ted" wrote:
Why is there more negative surrounding the Mets this year and why is there more pressure on the Mets this series... It's probably all due to the Mets' September from last year but in all honesty the Yankees , are far more pathetic and have been bailed out by all the Metss fans venom this year.

> On 5/17/08, 5:59PM "I" Wrote:
As francesa and russo love to say, the yanks have a history of turning it around (but they fail to neglect that they havent done it under girardi). But away we go till tomorrow night. if the yanks ever lost tomorrow night, gonna be a great show on Monday. A yankees win takes so much away from Monday. Just how Friday was killing the mets, Monday can be killing the yanks.

>On 5/18/08, 5:59PM, "Ted" Wrote:
As a Yankees fan I even say we need a Yanks loss. A 5-2 Yanks win, Wang solid for 7 innings....does nothing. It's a split, both teams can't get out of their own way...and away we go. But a Mets' win and you have two stories. 1. The Mets maybe finally beginning to string together something good....the meeting, two big wins etc. but more importantly full blown Yankee panic/ bashing. We need a Mets win tonight for some good radio tomorrow.

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