Friday, May 23, 2008

Jon Heyman

Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman was on with Mike and Chris yesterday. I blogged about the Heyman spots last week. I couldn't bring myself to state the obvious again, but for those that missed my Heyman post, here it is again (Note: you can basically apply this thinking to every spot Heyman does with Mike and Chris, including yesterdays)

(This interview happened last week) Someone please wake me when Jon actually has something to report (I've been waiting a few years now). Anyone else ever notice how he is essentially Francesa and Russo's yes-man?

4:11PM Mike talking about how the young fans like Joba's antics and the old ones don't. Guess how Heyman feels...hmm, shocking that he agrees.

4:12PM: Chris is saying the Joba antics are just too much. What does Heyman think? "It's too much."

4:14PM: Breaking News: Heyman says that Arod and Posada are the last 2 guys you want to lose. Thanks for clearing that up Jon.

4:15PM: Heyman "Tampa has played very well but I'd be stunned if they beat out the Yankees" Thanks for going out on a limb.

4:16PM: Heyman: "I think the Yankees have an excellent shot to make the Wild Card" Another shocker.

4:16PM: Heyman: "Maine has been terrific. Really exceptional." It's a good thing we got Heyman on to report this.

4:17PM: Mike: "A big issue with the Mets Jon is until Reyes get back to being Reyes, they are going to struggle" Heyman: "Yeah he is just not swinging the bat. They definitely have issues."

4:18PM: Heyman: "If the mets dont make the playoffs, Willie will be gone." Really, eye-opening stuff here.

4:19PM: Russo: "I think the Mets pitching is a major problem"
Heyman: "You're right. It has been pretty average"

Another riveting spot with Jon Heyman. But what do you think? Do I have a point here or no?

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