Thursday, May 22, 2008

Today's Scouting Report

A look at the scouting report for today's show:

BE CONSISTENT: Mike said he would be “shocked” if the Spurs took Game 1 and that they would barely stand a chance. Well, they came pretty damn close. Will the Big Man admit he was a bit off base, or will he spin things and point to the fact that San Antonio was dead tired in the 4th quarter, which was his point all along?

GO FOR THE JUGULAR: Need Mike and the Dog to stress that this is the end of the world for Mets fans. Their season is on the brink. Alou is injured again. They are an enigma. Willie has lost the clubhouse. This is rock bottom. Let’s blow this one out today boys.

THE JOBA CHRONICLES: Yesterday Mike and Chris both pointed to the fact that it now appeared the Yanks were going to leave Joba in the bullpen, which was the RIGHT thing to do for the season. But then last night, the schizophrenic Yanks had Chamberlain toss 2 innings in a blowout to stretch out his arm. What are the Yankees doing? They contradict themselves on a daily basis. Come on Dog, make reference to the days of the Bronx Zoo. Push the panic button.

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