Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sue Simmons Controversy

Mike and the Dog talking the Sue Simmons Controversy.  This is why I love these guys.  What other sports talk show could pull off a segment on this? You've got the NBA playoffs, the Yankees getting knocked around in Tampa, an inconsistent Mets team, Mike D'Antoni at the Garden and yet here's Russo breaking down Sue Simmons' shifts and how she has that 3-4 hour break between newscasts.  Francesa saying "you go out to dinner, that's what you do."  You think Mike and Mike in the morning are talking this for a segment? No chance.


stephen said...

mike and mike are a national show. they don't care about sue simmons

First Time, Long Time said... are missing the point. Mike and Mike would never be ALLOWED to talk about something so off topic as the Sue Simmons controversy. It's like when Mike and Chris talk movies or politics. No other shows can pull it off like they can.