Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fireworks in Astoria

Mike and the Dog almost came to blows discussing Game 1 of the Lakers/Spurs series last night. Chris thinks it was a bad loss by the Spurs, while Mike of course is brushing it aside:

Chris: That’s a bad loss!

Mike: Well then I guess this series is over too after one game.

Chris: I didn’t say the New Orleans series was over Mike.

Mike: Oh yes you did.

Chris NO I DID NOT! Wrong, Mike.

Mike: Yes you did. You said they were buried.

Chris: NO I DIDN’T!! THE CALLERS SAID THAT! Mike, that’s not accurate.

Mike: Dog, you said they were not coming back in that series.

Chris: I picked New Orleans in seven, but I said red flag after 2 games.

Mike: After 2 games, you said they were not coming back

Chris: No I didn’t. I said red flags Mike. That’s what I said. Get it right!

So here’s the question, if Mike and Chris ever actually came to blows, who are you going with?


lt sam weinberg said...

can chris use his headphone cord as a weapon? can mike use the diet coke bottle?
i loved this arguement.. although mike has yet to own up to the fact that he believed the spurs were going to get blown out.

Yosh said...

Great question. Francessa has the reach and size, but the Dog has heart and stamina. I take Russo, split-decision, with the only knock down coming from Mike tripping over a diet coke that Timmy "accidentally" tossed in the ring.

First Time, Long Time said...

good point Yosh on the reach and size but I also tend to agree that Dog's stamina would be key. But if Mike ever landed one diet coke backed right, it could be over

RockinDaBronx said...

those two like to work themselves up into a frenzy, it helps add some sizzle to the makeup sex.

Anonymous said...

Mike ticker would kick about 15 seconds into it. He'll clutch his chest, turn blue and crash to the ground. And his kids will have a new stepdad in about a month.