Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Explosive Tuesday

Well if Met fans thought the world was coming to an end after the sweep in Atlanta last week, then surely today there is no way to categorize the mental state of those who bleed orange and blue. Mike and Chris return to the air today and there is going to be a lot to digest. Inevitably, the focus is going to fall on Willie Randolph. But in my eyes, the biggest factors for the Mets ineptitude, and the points that I truly hope Mike and Chris focus on today are the following:

1) Carlos Delgado: I'm sorry but post Memorial Day, you cannot be a starting First Basemen and have a .215 batting average and a .294 OBP. You just can't. Also, Carlos pretty much called Jon Heyman an asshole yesterday for asking if he supports Willie. Now listen, I am no fan of Heyman, but all the guy asked was if he supported Willie and Delgado had the nerve to say that that wasn't a good question for him to answer. Why isn't it Carlos? You have practically buried Willie with your play - at least show a little support, no? And that goes for Carlos Beltran too, who added this staggering boast of support for Willie, "That's not in our hands." Uhh, yeah, we realize that you are not deciding if Willie stays or goes, but how about a little public vote of support. Again, I am not a huge Willie fan, but the one thing he has never done is criticize Delgado or Beltran and those two couldn't offer the slightest bit of backing for Randolph.

2) Jose Reyes: Don't be fooled by the recent hot streak at the plate. Reyes has been MIA for over a year now. His defense is atrocious, and it seems that every time he boots a ball, it turns into a few runs. Something is not right mentally with Reyes.

3) Minor Leagues: When Alou went on to the DL for the 673rd time of his career last week, the Mets called up a 3rd catcher. That is how weak their Triple A system is. Yes, they then called up Nick Evans from Double A, but does anyone really believe he will materialize into anything? Mike Pelfrey is a joke. And when the Mets need to dip into the minors, they often have to go to these journeymen major leaguers who are hanging onto their careers (see Claudio Vargas, see Fernando Tatis, see Tony Armas coming soon). Sure Vargas has been okay, but where are the young studs in the minors - even a bullpen arm? And don't tell me they traded them away in the Santana deal because if you haven't noticed, Humber, Mulvey and Deolis Guerra have a combined ERA of about 5.00 in the Twins minor league system. So even those guys haven't proved to be good prospects. So where exactly is the Mets minor league talent? Last night's outfield of Endy Chavez and Nick Evans strikes fear into you, doesn't it? A lot of this has to fall on Omar.

What do you think? Sure, you can argue no heart and this team is lifeless. But that's easy to say when a team is losing. Where do you think Mike and Chris should focus their attention today?

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gman26 said...

Explosive Tuesday? First time, you really have a knack for those titles. Nice job with bringing up the minors. I hadn't thought of that. By the way, where is the pitching? Perez and Maine, could ya please come up with a quality start? And enough with Heilman already. That one-hitter was 2 years ago!