Thursday, May 15, 2008

Russo the Anti New Yorker

Just listening to Russo talk after Eddie C's report on the Mets and he states that "what we need is for the Yankees to lose today and then the pressure to be on both the Mets and Yankees going into their games." Here's the thing, how many sports radio talk show hosts in NEW YORK would openly say that they are rooting for the Yankees to lose to set up more drama for the series.

The thing is Russo doesn't root for the Mets or the Yankees, he roots for the Mike and the Mad Dog radio program. He roots for the fans of both teams be going crazy prior to the subway series and that he will have 5 hours to talk about how both teams are in dire straits.

It's pretty amazing when you think about it that a San Francisco Giants fan is half of New York's most listened to sports radio program and one of the most powerful sports radio shows in the country. I love that Russo never hides it either, he never pretends to like the Yankees or the Mets.

Oh by the way, Francesca said that the Mets never had a player better than Beltran, i would argue that Piazza, Strawberry were better.

Big 2 run homerun by the Rays, Russo probably cheering at WFAN.

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