Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fired up Francesa

You could tell this was one of those days where Mikey was salivating to get on the air. He wanted a Mets loss in Game 1 of the doubleheader in the worst way. He was sick to his stomach that they swept the anemic Yanks..So the big man came out firing:

"So much for the yankees. So much for them turning the page. Just a collossel mess... The mets today did absolutely nothing...an absolute awful performance by the mets today...so right back into the muck today for the mets off that yankees win...pound the ball, pound their chests and go back into their typical nonsense...(the same nonsense that Joba does??)

"Willie Randolph met the media for 16 minutes and tried to mend fences today. .just like wagner the other day, willie went in to a complete backtrack today. This is a headache the mets don’t want...that mets hierarchy doesn’t want... You can take this to the bank (Mikes loves that phrase). There’s no love lost between gary cohen and willie randolph (What does this have to do with anything?)..But its part and parcel with what were talking about here (umm, what does that mean?)..but he cant turn around and backtrack... Willie Can’t. (umm, why can’t he. players and coaches do it all the time. Hell, you guys do it.). You cannot run and hide. That’s what willie did today. If they ever, ever, hit a big losing streak, hit the skids, heads are gonna roll. That’s all there is to it! (thanks for clarifying that for us Mike)

Big thing to take from this is that Mike has now turned on Willie. He will not admit that, but he has. You can hear it in his voice. Just like Francesa and Russo saved Tom Coughlin's job a few years ago, you are starting to get the sense that Francesa has turned and is getting ready to toss Willie out of town...

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