Thursday, May 15, 2008

Where should we go Mike?

Since Russo and Francesca seem to enjoy never deciding what they are going to talk about to start the show until they start the show, I am going to take a shot at where they today's Mike and the Mad Dog radio program will begin.

I think that while the Yankees 2-1 win after a clubhouse meeting and Mussina being solid again and the Yankees doing it "how you draw it up.. Mussina, to Joba, to Mo," i think that the Mets and Heilman are the story. Russo may ask Francesca if he wants to talk NBA but we know they are not going there, there may be some Kentucky Derby later in the day (i hope not) and then they will let Mets fans carry the show for the next two hours with calls about how Heilman is the worst pitcher in the history of the franchise...

A quick side note and I would not call in to say this because A) i don't call in unless it was 2am and Steve Somers was talking about the Knicks after Patrick Ewing blew the layup against the Pacers and B) because i don't want to start the Joba fist pump debate again... BUT after Joba struck out whoever the final Rays batter he had last night, catcher Jose Molina pumped his fist in excitement.

Yes, it was a close game, but there was no one on base, no threat happening, it was simply a strikeout.. Why is Molina allowed to do that? When is a fist pump a good fist pump? Can someone show me in the rule book where it says when it is and is not ok to fist pump? I just need to be clear here.

What if i put up a really good comment that shows up the person who commented before me, can i fist pump after that or is that "bush league?" I might have to call in to Mike and Chris to find out the rules on this.

To get back to the point.. The Mets are the lead story, followed by the Yankees and Mussina and Kennedy pitching a big game today, then later segments on the Celtics and Lakers but much of the attention will be on the Spurs MUST WIN TONIGHT. Mike will definitely tell you exactly what is going to happen.

And awaaaaay we go...


First Time, Long Time said...

I would hope that they wouldn't talk about the Kentucky Derby considering that was two weeks ago. Now they might talk about the Preakness which is this Saturday. That seems a little more relevant.

lt sam weinberg said...

any talk of a horse is awful. awful job