Thursday, May 22, 2008

Big Poll Question

With about an hour to go before show time, here's a question for you fans. What type of callers bother you the most?

A) The callers that say they have 4 comments and a question (seriously, do you think you are really going to get all that in?)

B) The callers that say there are going to make a comment and then hang up and listen (why would you try so hard to get through and then not want to have some back and forth banter?)

C) The callers that feel they need to list their fan credentials first before making a point ("I've been a fan since 1968...")

D) The Bruce From Baysides of the World (These are the guys that seem to have a secret phone number to WFAN and get through all the time)

send us your comments with what your answer is, or if we left a key one out...


lt sam weinberg said...

i think you have to go with the caller that makes the point and then says "i'll hang up and listen to you" as the worst caller. You have to dial in for about 4 hours just to get through, unless you have the bat phone number that Bruce from Bayside has, and then you are going to call and just make a point and listen. The whole idea is to have a little back and forth. Get into it a bit. Call and hang up? That's the worst. Terrible job.

There is another type of caller. The one who calls in and says "I called you three years ago around this time to talk about the draft and the Giants taking Eli."

Are Mike and Chris supposed to remember that call? Are they supposed to say, "oh right, Tony from Flushing, that's right, I remember that call, you made some great points about Eli."

Still, you get through, don't hang up until you get cut off. It's like riding a mechanical bull. You don't just put your quarter in and watch the bull move. There's no honor in that. You get on and you hang on for dear life until you get kicked off.

First Time, Long Time said...

Sam...Great points. And how in the world could I have forgotten about the "remember me" caller. That's a bad job out of me right there.

Yosh said...

Great poll question. The hang up and listen callers don't bother me, they're just hurting themselves. Those masochists are probably vegans who run 25 miles a week. The 4 comments and a question guys piss me off. I'm all for a well thought out call strategy, but keep it simple. Get fired up, make a strong case, and never stop fighting until the fight is done. The "remember me" callers are assholes. That type of talk-radio hubris would make acchilles blush. But the "Bruce from Bayside's" drive me fucking nuts. Do they have a bat phone? Do they send strippers to Eddie Scizerri? How the hell does any human being have that type of time available to commit to the phone in process? Especially mid-day? Screw you Bruce, in your ivory tower of technology. Screw you.