Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Enigma Count is On - First Couple Segments Recap

4:09PM: Russo: The Mets are an enigma.

what is the over/under on how many times the Mad Dog drops this word today?

4:22PM: First segment of the show just ended and the boys tossed it to 20/20 update guru John Minko.  Got to say that this was a very disappointing lead segment for Mike and Chris.  I was expecting more fireworks from Russo about seeing the Mets go 3-4 to a pair of awful teams.  Francesa is starting to show his hand.  For the 2nd time, this week, he has revealed that he was "listening a little bit" this morning and heard the Met fans begging for Joe Smith last night.  Francesa likes to go the other way on his thoughts. He does not want to be perceived as going the obvious way.  So I have a feeling that he "listens a little bit" in the morning to Benigno and Roberts quite often, so that he knows to go against that grain of thought.  So clearly this is going to be a show where Mike sort of mocks the mets fans who are calling for Willie's head.  He has already brought up how the Tigers are in a much worst spot with Leyland, which they are...but that is not the point.  Anyway, was hoping for more fireworks there.  That open reminds me of the time I drove to Virginia Beach like 12 years ago to see Phish open their summer tour, and they began the night with like 5 or 6 new songs.  It was such a buzz kill. That is what this opening felt like.

P.S. 4:31PM - 2nd enigma of the day from Russo

4:32PM - After sort of mocking Met fans hysteria in the open, the boys have now moved on to Willie's replacement.  Lee Mazzilli maybe?  (Guess where that name was first thrown out today - Benigno and Roberts show - coincidence? I think not...)

Russo: "You could go to Mazzilli." 
Mike: "I do think that they would do something by July."
Caller Making a Great Point: Bobby V gets more out less. Willie gets less out of more
Mike: I wouldn't put that as an impossibility either. I think Bobby desperately wants to manage again. Omar has a good relationship with Bobby. That's not impossible.
Chris: I could see Mike's point but I know he loves Japan. He should come. 3 or 4 teams called him in the offseason and he blew them off. Cincy called him.
Mike: Cincy's a terrible job.

4:39PM: Breaking News - Mike: there is a story that Wagner may have gone off now after the game.  We are trying to track it's always Wagner (side note: Mike hates Billy Wagner)

5:05PM: The Eddie Coleman Report - Eddie C. revealed that Wagner called out the Latin players on the Mets who are never around to answer questions.  He also dropped this statement: "Santana is Mr. Invisible. He is never around."

This will become a big theme with Mike and Chris throughout the season.

5:11PM: Russo talking to Eddie C.:"The mets are an enigma. They have been an enigma all season long. They are an enigma."

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