Friday, June 27, 2008


Back on June 2nd, our good pal Mike Francesa issued his Done Report for the season, on which baseball teams seasons were over, despite the fact that it was only June 2nd. 25 days later, we decided to review Mike's report. Here goes:

JUNE 2 - Mike: Colorado, they're done and Seattle, I think they are both done.

TODAY: Seattle is indeed done. Colorado was briefly inspired by Mike's inclusion of them in the Done Report, and they rattled off 6 wins in their next 7 games. However, they have dropped 4 in a row, leaving them 15 games under .500. They are 12-9 since Mike's report.

JUNE 2 - Chris: Pirates done? Washington done? Mike: Well those teams were never started

TODAY: Washington is most definitely done. Pittsburgh, like Colorado, was also briefly motivated by Francesa' ax on their season, and they won 3 of their next 4 games. But alas, they are just 11-11 since the fateful June 2nd declaration and sit 4 games under .500 on the season. On a positive note, they are merely 6 games back of St. Louis in the loss column for the wild card.

JUNE 2 - Chris:Kansas City done? Mike: Yeah.

TODAY: The Royals were no doubt jolted by Mike's words and went on to drop 5 of their next 6. However, motivated by Francesa's possible departure from WFAN, Kansas City has rattled off 10 wins in their last 11 games. Coincidence? We think not. They are 13-9 since the Done Report.

JUNE 2 - Chris: Baltimore done? Mike: Baltimore done Yes.

TODAY: Another team apparently un-phased by Mike putting their season in a coffin. After the report was issued, the Orioles went 5-1 in their next 6 games, and overall have gone 14-8 since the report. They currently sit at 40-37, just ONE game back of the Yanks in the loss column. Imagine that.

JUNE 2 - Chris: Texas? Mike: Yes. Chris (Very surprised): Ohhh really!? Mike: They're not going anywhere this year.

TODAY: Texas has gone 11-11 since Francesa declared their season over. They are currently 40-40, but get this, they are just 4 back of the Yankees in the loss column.

JUNE 2 - Chris: Cincinnati? Mike: I won't count them out yet.

TODAY: Mike saw something in Cincy. He wasn't ready to bury their season just yet. They responded accordingly, going 8-15 since Mike gave their season hope. They sit in last place in the NL Central.

JUNE 2 - Chris: San Diego? Mike: I won't count them out yet.

TODAY: Again, Mike liked what he saw out of the Padres and wasn't ready to pull the plug on their season either. Since Francesa offered San Diego fans a glimmer of hope, they have gone 9-13 and sit in last place in the NL West.

JUNE 2 -Chris: Giants? Mike: Yeah. Giants are done.

TODAY: Sorry Dog, but the Giants are most definitely done.


gabagool said...

Can a listener, even a casual one, EVER CEASE TO BE AMAZED? Mike has GOT to be the WORST at predicting sports outcomes. Only Russo is worse. Maybe Mike should reconsider his desire to split with the pathetic puppy.

Anonymous said...

"The royals were no doubt jolted by mike's words..."

This is too funny. I'm so glad I listened to MMD today and heard about this blog. It's provided me hilarious reading for 2 hours now.

Imspartacus said...

I recently started a blog dedicated to profitting off of Mike's inability to pick a game...the more input tracking da Boyz picks, so we can take the opposite, the better! I am really waiting for football season, but there have GOT to be some good opportunities for Mike and Mad Dog Contrarian picks in the meantime!