Wednesday, June 18, 2008

To DH or not to DH, that is the Question

In the midst of one of the busiest sports days in recent memory - the Mets awful handling of the Willie Randolph firing, the red hot Yankees, the conclusion of the NBA Finals, Tiger's season ending surgery, Mike and Chris have broken into a very heated debate about which league is a better style of baseball - the NL with no DH or the AL with DH. Chris is fighting hard for the NL, saying it is a much better brand of baseball. Mike is annoyed at the NL elitists, suggesting that the NL is the only league anywhere that has pitchers hit, so why is that the right and better way to do things. The absurd thing about this debate is that it is even happening today in the middle of everything else that is going on. Mike and Chris really do live in their own bubble.

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gabagool said...

Mad dog states that NO DH is the way to go because its the way the game was ORIGINALLY played. That is the main reason why is should remain DHless.

So, logically, ANY rule changes have to come under fire or at the very least scrutinized because, after all, thats NOT the way it was originally intented.

Gee, I guess someone should go break the bad news to all the "NEGROES" who are allowed to play because, after all, ORIGINALLY, they were not allowed to play....maybe something ELSE for the national league "PURISTS", to consider according to that wonderfully logical mind belonging to Saddog Russo.