Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Francesa VS Russo

So who is more important to the MMD show: Mike or Chris? State your case.


gman26 said...

Who's more important? That's like asking if Ying is more important than Yang. The more apropos question would be who do you like more? In that case, I would go with Chris. He's just a big kid.

Anonymous said...

Who's more important??????

Well, whos got a better body, Rosie O
Donnell or Hillary Clinton?

Same answer. Neither.

First Time, Long Time said...

i guess maybe a better question is if you can only get one of them b/c the other is away on vacation, who would you rather listen to? I have a feeling there is a strong contingent of people that will say Russo b/c he will be more friendly, etc. But part of me wants Francesa. It has to do with the arrogance factor. I want that arrogance. I need that arrogance. Deep down in places I don't talk about it, at parties with my friends, I want Francesa solo.