Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tony Bernazard is the Devil

Me, First Time Long Time and Gman were having a discussion via email, (because really who talks on the phone anymore?) about the Tony Bernazard issue with the Mets and after first falling in line with First Time Long Time who believes that Bernazard is the reason why the Mets make awful base running decisions, don't hit in the clutch and Billy Wagner can't get a big save in a big spot, I changed my tune after reading the words of the GMAN which basically stated that only in New York do we give the assistant to the General Manager this much attention.

Yes, maybe he has a lot of pull in the organization, maybe he and Manuel were talking behind Willie's back but in the end does it really matter? Willie was not a good manager. He deserved to be fired. Yes, the Mets handled it poorly. Yes, they should've done things differently but that doesn't change the fact that since late last year (or June if you believe Gary Cohen) the Mets have not played good ball and Willie takes the fall.

Why are we talking so much about Bernazard? I would say that part of the reason is because Mike and Chris have made this a huge issue and Mike and Chris don't like him. Yes, the papers are reporting it, but I do believe that Mike and Chris are fanning the flames.

"In this passion play, he is the other figure.. the Wilpons, Omar, and Bernazard," Mike said.

Who cares? In how many cities do the fans have any idea who the assistant to the GM is? This to me is no different than the Joba fist pump issue, Mike and Chris are creating it, the newspapers are running with it, and away we go...

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First Time, Long Time said...

Sam...I will post one of my emails I sent to you and Gman this morning:

"as a fan I don't want to hear about this guy the morning after their best win of the season and yet that is what I am hearing about. He is becoming a story, which becomes a distraction."

Also, I disagree with one point here. Mike and Chris did not create this story. Bill Madden of the Daily News did the other day and he did so in a story last year. So they are piggybacking on this story. I just firmly believe that when the backpages of papers are writing about Tony B after the Mets best win of the year, there is a problem. I have not heard one good thing about this guy. I think I even just read a quote from his wife that she said "no doubt about it, he's a bad dude."