Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The $200 Million Question

Mikey on a bit of a rampage today.

"The Yankees are spending a lot of time talking about next year. And they have NEVER done this. It's not gonna sit with Jeter, it's not gonna sit with Arod, it's not gonna sit with Mariano, it's not gonna sit with Giambi, it's not gonna sit with these veteran players. The Yankees are not built for next year ever. You got rid of Joe Torre, you got a $200 million dollar payroll, you sold 4 MILLION seats, it's the last year of Yankee CANNOT do this and I'm telling you, rumblings across the board, the veterans didn't like this. I've heard it from a couple of people who are around that team. They didn't like this, they thought it was a move that sent a bad message that it's about next year and not this year. This kid is NOT going to be a major factor this year. He was a much bigger factor the other way..."

I love when Mike turns his opinions into the opinions of others. And I love classic Francesa when he cites that he's "heard it from a couple of people." He loves to try and hold that card over everyone's heads.


D.Jeter said...

I love the "heard it from a couple of people" too. Ever heard Mike's reaction when a caller says they know an insider? He'll stop the caller right there and demand to know the guy's name; if the caller won't give him a name, Mike hangs up. If the caller does give a name, Mike skeptically asks what their relationship is, and usually hangs up on them anyway.

When "The Sopranos" ended, Mike nearly went apeshit a number of times when callers would claim to have worked on the show, or knew someone who did, and knew the real ending. (Then again, I don't recall any callers' guesses being right, so maybe Mike was on to something.)

gman26 said...

Jeter - who's your source on hearing these callers call in about their insiders?