Friday, June 6, 2008



I have just spent the last 18 minutes listening to more horse racing than i have in the past 35 years of my life. Mike and Chris are live from the Belmont and I guess that means they have to talk about horses racing each other.

The show opened up with Chris looking like an ant that was being burned under a magnifying glass. He was having so much difficulty with the sun in his eyes, i was worried for a moment he would not make it through the "heelllloooo everybody..." Can someone, Eddie, anyone get Chris a pair of sunglasses? How about his wife when he was leaving the house this morning or Timmy, maybe saying to Chris.. "Dad, it's going to be really sunny out today dad. Maybe you should bring some sunglasses. Chris responds "Timmy, it was terrible job out of you on the math test, you should be able to do long division at this point in your career, now you want to tell me that Mrs. Appleton your math teacher speaks a little funny and mumbles some words. Take care of the math Timmy, I'll take care of my eyes. We are not heading out to the equator. We are going to Belmont Park for god's sakes."

I am concerned about Chris and whether he will actually still have use of his eyes by the time the show is over. The squinting is beyond distracting. I do not believe he has opened his eyes fully in the entire first twenty minutes.

Eddie Erickson, please help this man out.

Oh boy, Mike is running down the lineup today and it's all horse racing all the time. Do people really care THAT much about this race? Is it worth Chris' vision? Someone please call in and tell Chris to either put on a hat, get some sunglasses or find a way that he can be inside to broadcast while Mike gets a tan and talks to the jockeys.


First Time, Long Time said...

Lt. Weinberg..nearly as entertaining were the several seconds it took Dog to figure out how to pronounce the word "Temperamental" when describing the sport of horse racing.

lt sam weinberg said...

the guy needs some glasses. is he not aware that they are outside? did chris arrive at the show today thinking that they were going to broadcast from the back of the cafeteria?

Clem said...

I know absolutely nothing about horses, and I know hindsight is 20/20 -- but did Big Brown's owners really expect him to run a mile and a half, and win, with his hoof split open? I like to think the jockey pulled him back to spare the animal more pain in a race he wasn't going to win anyway; if that's the case, good for him. He showed a lot more humanity than Big Brown's arrogant, sweaty (ever heard of an undershirt?) owner ever will.