Thursday, June 12, 2008


So yesterday I spent a good hour trying to get through to Mike and the Mad Dog. Francesa had gone too far in my mind. He opened the show early suggesting that the Mets do something major. Russo speculated that aside from Willie, the only player you could really trade that was major was Delgado. But no, that wasn't good enough for Mikey. He suggested that the Mets trade Reyes, and later in the show even commented that Reyes "is having a bad year." So since my call didn't go through, here's how it likely would have gone down:

ME: Hey guys, can you give me a glimpse into the Mike and the Mad Dog Pre show production meeting? I mean, do you guys just twiddle your thumbs and say to each other 'how we can stir up some controversy today'..'Well Dog, I can throw out the idea of trading Reyes...'

RUSSO: What's your point.

ME: If i caller would have called in 2 days ago and suggested that the Mets trade Reyes, you would have absolutely killed him.

FRANCESA: Whoa. Why would we do that?

ME: Cmon Mike. Are you kidding me? Let me ask you a question. When the Yanks were 12 1/2 games out last year, how come I didn't hear you concocting deals to get rid of Cano?

FRANCESA: The Yanks have been in the playoffs EVERY YEAR!!!!

ME: What does that have to do with trading a 25 year old shortstop who is on pace to hit .290, 20HR, 75 RBI, score 110 runs and steal 60 bases...How many other 25 year old shortstops are there in baseball with those numbers!!!!

RUSSO: Ahh, listen here. The Mets need to do something

FRANCESA: Are you listening to me? Were you listening? I'm not saying give the guy away. You need to get a star back.

ME: Mike, why in the world you ever trade a player of that caliber, at that age, at that contract? And the best part is, Mike, one of your trades that you suggested for Reyes was to send him Toronto for a pitcher and Vernon Wells. First of all, you can't even name the pitcher, which again if a caller did that, you would go beserk, and secondly, Vernon Wells - like the Mets really need another aging, injury prone outfielder?

FRANCESA: Vernon Wells is a good player. Just ask the Yankees.

ME: Can we all just relax!!! Can we wait to the All Star break at least before we trade away one of the best shortstops and infielders in baseball? Can we?

RUSSO: Ahh right. Fair point. Fair point.

ME: I mean, while we're at it, why don't we get Japan on the phone and see if we can deal Willie for Bobby V. I mean CMON guys!!!


gman26 said...

FTLT - 'Fair point'? Now you're dreaming. But I think your conspiracy theory could be accurate. Slow day, start some controversy. If you really believe that MMD have a lot of sway in this market, and their orders are always followed, then is Reyes in grave danger of being traded?

lt sam weinberg said...

i think FTLT you still are missing the point. Francesca was talking about changing the chemistry of the team and the personality because this team is clearly not in the right direction. What move could alter the personality of the team? Trading Reyes could do that. If you could get Tim Lincecum for Reyes and have Santana and Lincecum and Maine as your top three starters, you wouldn't do that?
I don't know the exact trade to be made here, but i think that the point is that it's about shaking up the makeup of the Mets, a team who has not moved forward from the collapse of last year.
I think Mike is stirring the pot, of course but i understand his point.
Sometimes you need to blow it up and if you look at the team, who is their most tradeable commodity that could restructure the franchise? Reyes is the guy.

First Time, Long Time said...

Sam, I think you are missing the point here. Mike has always disliked Reyes (cant stand the handshakes, the fact that he takes attention away from Jeter). So Mike stirs controversy by attacking players he doesnt like (see Wagner, see Strahan). So he picks on Reyes. And why? Because he isnt the god that D. Jeter is. The Mets are right around .500 with a lot of baseball left. you don't trade players like Jose Reyes in their prime. And actually before his prime. You don't. Reyes, for all his misgivings, is the one guy that single handedly electrify shea in an instant. No other Met can do it, not even David Wright. How come when the Yanks have struggled the past several years at the outsets of seasons they have never needed a major shake up?

gman26 said...

I think the contract is the biggest argument against it. And MMD have every professional athlete's contract details memorized. It's their gift. The Mets got Reyes locked up for a song. They're moving into a new ballpark. As much as Mike might want change, the Wilpons won't agree to that lunacy.

First Time, Long Time said...

And lunacy is exactly what it is. In actuality, what has Reyes done wrong? One bad month in his Mets career, last September. Other than that, his offense has been great and his defense before this year was always stellar.

gabagool said...

Well, IMHO Reyes is like a potato, he takes on the flavors that surround him. Hes a follower, not a leader. So if you have a bunch of underachieving malcontent chokers on the team, he would become one. If the Mets could surround him with mature, gamer types, he would blend in nicely. Having Reyes around THIS team is not doing him any favors. I really have a feeling that the longer they hold on to Reyes, the less they will get for him.

The slob has a problem with players who show expression. Remember his take on Joba?

philly said...

I think you're right about Reyes. It seems like he's too sensitive. But while M&MD blame his year-long funk on sulking over Willie telling him to cut the crap with the dancing and the handshakes -- and also take some credit for it themselves -- I think there's more. As I remember, the Mets annoyed a lot of teams, especially the Marlins, with their cockiness and on-field celebrating. Reyes probably heard a lot of what was being said about him, and is all messed up because he can't be himself. On one hand, he's not "just a kid having fun" anymore, but on the other, he hasn't been around long enough, and doesn't have a strong enough personality, to say "screw you" and just be himself.