Monday, June 9, 2008


Mike opened the show today and was firing missiles. Now one might think that perhaps the big man was directing those at the Mets offense for scoring 3 runs in the first 3 games vs San Diego. But no, Mikey turned his attention to the Mets closer:

"If you’re billy wagner, there are days you can’t blow the game. You CAN'T blow yesterday’s game!!"

Francesa continued the tirade for a bit. Now here's my issue with this. If this was just a straight up criticism, that would be fair (as Wagner deserves that), but anyone who knows Mike, knows that he personally hates Billy, and that point comes off as very evident during these outbursts. Last night Mike started Mic'd Up the same way, saying Billy Wagner, "who has a big mouth" blew up again. Now Mike, why is it necessary to point out that you think Wagner has a big mouth? Did he say something yesterday? Did that impact the game? No. You don't like him and you love to pick on athletes that you don't like (Wagner, Strahan, etc.). In the position in the media that you are in, to me, it is extremely unprofessional when you let your biases come out in the open when discussing a player's performance. You would kill a broadcaster for not being objective. We don't need to hear your personal vendetta against a player when you are judging his performance.


gman26 said...

As I suggested in the headline, Strahan's legacy will be in hurt in MMD's eyes because they didn't get along with him. Jeremy Shockey's been in 4 Pro Bowls, MMD aren't impressed because he left them hanging one day when he was going to do his spot with them. This goes along with the Wagner theme. Who else is on the list of Wagner/Shockey and Strahan?

Anonymous said...

Does WFAN pay athletes to appear on their shows? Because if so, what does that say about M&MD that nobody will regularly be on their show except Willie Randolph and Joe Girardi? There are scores of NY athletes literally saying, "You couldn't pay me to be on that show."

First Time, Long Time said...

i believe that Randolph and Girardi are both paid I believe to appear..