Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Great Open By Russo Today

I'm telling you, I think I can get used to the Dog flying solo everyday. He was on fire and on point today in his open:

"It's becoming very evident it's not Willie's Fault. I don't want to hear from the Mets now. I don't want to hear from the broadcasters. I don't want to hear about loose clubhouses. I don't want to hear about Willie Randolph. I don't want to hear about finding chemistry, passion with arguing with umpires. I don't want to hear a word of it. I don't want to hear a word. You are 7-11 against last place baseball teams. And Seattle was as dead as Mr Met driving up to Merritt on weeknights. They were a dead carcass. And they walked in here and they toyed with you. And what's Jerry Manuel gonna do now, have a little chat with Howard Johnson, let's fire some other coach now, now it's Howard Johnson's fault? After it was Rick Down's fault, like it was Tom Nieto's fault, like it was Rick Peterson's fault. All I heard last week was Dan Warthen's going to be a great pitching coach. How's Oliver Perez pitched in his 2 starts with big Danny? How's that worked out?"

If Francesa was there, he would throw cold water on things. "Perez won 15 games last year, now he's Guhhbagee? They're only a couple out in duh loss column.."

Keep up the good work Dog..

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