Thursday, June 12, 2008


According to the Mike and the Mad Dog show the Yankees have the league exactly where they want them. They just play mediocre baseball for a half and then they get ready to set the world on fire. And i know Mike that the Yankees have gotten nothing out of Pettitte and Wang, but is that really true? Umm.. Wang is 7-2. I believe that's a bit more than nothing. And maybe i am in the minority but i don't believe that we are going to see some huge second half surge from Pettitte.

What bothers me about Mike and Chris' coverage of the Yankees is that the only issue that they get upset about with the team is when it deals with Joba. They know this fans the flames with the fans so they talk about that but outside of the Joba issue which i am completely tired of, the Yankees get a pass.

Mike, you want to know what the Yankees have become? An 8th seed NBA playoff team. Yeah, maybe they will make the playoffs and ownership will make some money selling extra tickets, but will they do any damage in October? Not a chance. For all these years with the tragedy of the Knicks, i have simply wanted them to not make the playoffs. There is no point in being an 8th seed and I feel the same way about the Yankees. Miss the playoffs, change the roster, get younger on the field. They are just not that good...

Now HOLD ON NOW... Mike is going to say THE YANKEES DO NOT PLAY FOR NEXT YEAR. Besides that point being completely arrogant, it's also ignorant. For every franchise, even the New York Yankees, you sometimes have to take steps back and rebuild. The Yankees may be able to be a playoff team for years and years, and lose in the first round year after year, but to really become a championship team again, I do not believe that this is the path.

Why not be sellers rather than buyers. Sell off Giambi and Damon (i know blasphemy), get some high end prospects that set the path for the future and then go for another real run, not this mirage.

Mike, the Yankees are not good. It's time to start believing it.


gman26 said...

You could see a 2nd half surge from Pettitte if he would get back on the juice. Giambi's gone back. Chipper obviously.
And on your rebuilding note. Gene Michael(must they always refer to him as Stick? As if they're fishing buddies.) said on the show the other day, that the Yankees will not rebuild. Retool, maybe. But rebuild, no.

gabagool said...

You get nothing for Giambi or Damon. They are both worth way more ON the Yanks than trading them. Huge contracts, oft injured, older. Not good combos.