Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tricky Spot

Mike and the Mad Dog are in a tricky spot with today's show. There are lots of topics to talk about. The stench of the hangover from the Willie Randolph firing will no doubt garner some discussion. But lo and behold, the greatest athlete on the planet might have jeopardized his career by gutting out a US Open victory. I'm sure MMD will weigh in on that. It should lead to the question - If Tiger Woods never played another competitive round of golf, would he be considered better than Jack? Also, with the Celtics drubbing the Lakers for their 17th NBA title, it's time for the boys to pretend that they never picked the Lakers. They'll do this by piling on Kobe and Phil Jackson. 'Horrible job out of the Lakers'. As usual, they'll focus on the negative. The Celts didn't win the series. The Lakers lost it. In any regard, it's a nice followup sports day to yesterday's drama.


First Time, Long Time said...

Gman...looking forward to the festivities today. I actually think they may lead with the Mets b/c they never got to give their take on the Omar press conf. yesterday. Yeah, they did the interview but then they were off the air. They always want to give their take on things. Also look for Mike to pile on the Mets fans who are complaining about the way Willie was fired. He will keep arguing that you cant complain about that b/c you wanted him out, which I find sort of insane. Having one opinion doesn't preclude you from having another. Also, look for Mike to deservedly get all over Reyes for his tantrum that he threw last night.

First Time, Long Time said...

Also, for those listening on the radio: Russo is wearing a pair of uncomfortably short shorts today. I don't need to see those bare legs.

gabagool said...

Why does Russo remind me of the guy from THE OFFICE??

gabagool said...

Also, I only want to offend M and the MD. Thats it. I hope I don't offend anyone else, but Tiger "the greatest ATHLETE" in the world???? He's the greatest GOLFER of all time, for sure. But, athlete? You would have a hard time trying to convince me that gold is EVEN A SPORT. Its a game, like bowling. Sorry.

DF said...

Great day lined up in sports radio.

I would love it if the Mets signed Barry Bonds today.

Hey Cappicola - I am never sure where to draw the line on defining a sport, but I think golf is a sport. It has a ball and it's hard. So is pool, but I do not consider that a sport. Maybe its because not just anyone can do it, it takes real specialized and particular hand eye coordination. It also becomes a sport if you can get paid alot of money and millions of people watch.

Going nowhere with that . . . . feel free to poke holes in the logic

First Time, Long Time said...

Moment of the Day: A caller called in and yelled at Mike for arriving into the studio late every segment. They hung up on him but not before his statement made it on air...Greatness.

gman26 said...

Hand-eye coordination, balance, stamina, concentration, competitiveness. Do athletes need any of these attributes? If so, then I would deem golfers athletes. Was Terry Forster an athlete? Just because he put on a baseball uniform?

gabagool said...

I tell you. This what is a sport thing. I fight with guys all the time. And I REALLY haven't quite figured out where to draw the line yet.

A couple things, though.

To be a sport, its gotta be involve, AT LEAST, the POTENTIAL, or RUNNING. Not neccesarily that you gotta run, but the rules would state you MAY have to run. So, therefore baseball BARELY MAKES IT.

If there is NO RUNNING, AND you can be pro AND A SLOB, well, NOT A SPORT. Golf, bowling, autoracing, darts, curling, HORSE RACING???. Nah, you could be great without EVER breaking a sweat, hitting the gymn. Just can't see it. Being difficult IS NOT what makes a sport. If it was, TRIG OR CALCULUS would be a sport.

You gotta run, even just a tiny bit would please me. The only exception to this rule is weightlifting, moreso, POWERLIFTING. PL is DEFINATELY a sport, the body is trained to do unreal things. Bodybuilding? Uh, no. Its tough as hell, but just wear is the slightest bit of SKILL?

I don't know, baseball is a sport, but not by much I guess. But I love it.

We may argue about golf etc. But can we at least agree that horseracing and autoracing ARE NOT SPORTS??