Friday, June 6, 2008

Between the Breaks

Ever wonder what happens on the MMD show when they go to commercial breaks? Watching on YES, you get a slight glimpse into this potentially fascinating world. Mike and Chris can be fully engaged in a segment, throw to Minko for the 20/20 and then the two men immediately rise, cease talking to each other and go their separate ways. In many aspects, I imagine it to be quite similar to the scene between rounds at a championship fight. Each boxer goes into his own corner, to be tended to by his posse. For Mike, that means entering the news room, heading over to the Diet Soda vending machine. Surrounded by Francesa would be John Minko, Eddie Scezzari and Jerry Recco. For Dog, he likely races into the newsroom and is bouncing around with energy as he hovers over a 12 inch TV displaying tape delayed coverage of the French Open. His corner of Sal Licata, Eddie Erickson and Bob Huessler likely has to get him under control a bit and make sure he doesn’t expend too much energy before getting back in the ring. Here’s a glimpse into what goes on in each corner and the advice being offered to both prize fighters:

Mike’s Corner:
Minko: “Mike, you’re letting Dog bait you with his cackle. Protect yourself from the laugh. You’re very vulnerable. You’re having a hard time keeping up with him right now. He’s all over the place. You’re in a bit of a tricky spot."
Eddie: Scezzari: "Speak over him. Remember this, your words are much stronger. Dog is throwing them out left and right, but one powerful phrase from you and it’s over."
Recco: "Stick with your strenghts: arrogance, arrogance, arrogance. Dog won’t know what hit him. Bring your A-Game."

Russo’s Corner:
Licata: "Doggie, Mike is trying to sucker you right now. He’s just sitting there, barely moving, looking like he’s not even trying. It’s so tempting to go after him, but he’s just waiting for you to charge and miss miserably."
Erickson: "Don’t ever forget last June when you buried the Yankees. That was just the jab Mike was looking for and remember how that turned out."
Huessler: "Remember Seton Hall ‘89. You laughed at that one and that’s when Mike nailed you. You gotta settle down a bit. Be careful out there."


Clem said...

That also begs the question, when they get going on topics like Mike ranking all the Best Picture Oscar winners -- why don't they talk about that crap off the air? How big is his ego that he thinks we're interested in what movies he thinks are overrated?

First Time, Long Time said...

Clem...on that same point, check out the Summer Reading List by Mike and the Mad Dog in the May archives on the right...

lt sam weinberg said...

Clem, i am with you. I for the life of me wonder why Mike and Chris think that they can talk movies. It's not that they can't talk movies, but they cannot make declarations about movies in the same way that they do about sports. They don't realize the difference.

Anonymous said...

this is too funny.

Anonymous said...

God, you guys are all right on.

The boys take on books.
The boys take on politics.
The boys take on movies.

Screw you if you think for one damn minute ANYONE but the poosies at give a ratz azz about what you think BESIDES NY baseball and football, you two are DEFINATELY delusional. And trust me, they DO think that people care.