Friday, June 27, 2008


Anyone who has listened to Russo solo and Francesca's early solo appearance today knows that Russo has been the better host.

Francesca today has been a joke. He has talked about the lineups twice, had a boring conversation with Girardi and then talked again Yankees and Mets again but just rambling off pitchers and numbers.

He is on auto pilot. What is crystal clear to me and you see it even with the issue of the speciality seating for the Giants games, Mike talks about the issue in this drone sounding voice and there is little passion behind it. It sounds to me like kissing up. Russo speaks out and there is excitement, passion, and most of all energy.

Mike today sounds like he is doing us a favor by coming in to work and doing the show. I think he believes that he is some sort of pre game show. Mike, we don't need you to do the pre game show.

Now, I know that Dog was dealing with the Neil Best issue the day after and got right to it but Mike HAS TO KNOW that fans want to hear from him on this and he is refusing to talk about it. I think he's being arrogant and just holding it out there for as long as he can.


First Time, Long Time said...

Sam...I agree with the arrogance point. However, I was stunned by how much Mike revealed: That he was upset with himself for bringing to the feud to the air, that he has still not spoken to Chris since the story broke, that he believes they are at a "crossroads."

Johnny said...

Mike does absolutely no prep work for his show at all. I'm sure for Miked Up, all the staffers do all the work, and Mike comes in and gets fed what he needs to know. if you're a hard working sports talk host, it must drive you crazy knowing that yiou are busting your ass in Kansas City, MO making $60,000 while Mike just waddles into the studio and goes on autopilot.

Doggie also doesn't kill himself before doing his show, but while drinking his sports drink after a gruelling tennis match, he at least sketches some topics down a piece of paper. Mike comes, brings up the Yankees and then sees what happens.

Maybe a breakup is what they both need.