Friday, June 20, 2008


Mr Russo begins today's solo show with talk of his with his kids on Syosset. The big debate was the naming of his childrens new hamster. His daughter surrounded by too many male Russo children wanted to go with a girl's name but only came up with Theodore. To which Russo said "Hold on now, Theodore is not a girl's name." Timmy, did a terrible job and brought the name Milkshake. Russo answered his son suggestion with the words "Milkshake is not going to cut it."

The idea of picturing Chris with three kids, Scooby Do movies going, arguements about the hamsters name while driving in traffic is priceless.

What do you think the Russo children should name their hamster?

Some suggestions:
1. Terrible Job
2. Pac Man Jones
3. Pipe down


gman26 said...

Another comment out of Russo around this time was 'Gee Whiz!' I would love it if they were able to curse a blue streak on the show. "Be fair, fucknuts. Zambrano was on fucking Jim Duquette's watch. Not Omar's.(hangs up) Eddie, what's up with all the bitch ass callers today? Get your head out of your ass."

First Time, Long Time said...

Also, leave it to Russo to criticize his only child in trying to criticize Hank Steinbrenner. Doggie said, "that until proven otherwise, Hank knows as much about baseball as Timmy Russo, which is not a lot."

Also, GMan, i do not understand your comment.

First Time, Long Time said...

by the way, meant to write "his own child" not only

gman26 said...

someone should call in and say, "Dog, I drink your Milkshake!"

gabagool said...

What to name a hampster (or anything else) in the Russo household??


Anonymous said...

Other possible names:

"Tough stop"
"Rhael Cormier"
"Aaron Heilman, or as Chris pronounces it, "Harmon"

steve-o said...

I wonder what Timmy's relationship with Dog will be like in a few years. He makes no secret of the fact that he'd rather be playing tennis than spending time with him, and makes those little comments like FTLT alluded to (not to mention Dog telling his audience how his kid crapped his pants at school). I doubt he's any different at home, except his running commentary isn't interrupted by having to talk sports. In a few years, Dog better sleep with one eye open ...

I wonder the same about Imus's kid Wyatt, who sounds more like a science project than a son.

First Time, Long Time said...

steve-0...great line:

"I wonder the same about Imus's kid Wyatt, who sounds more like a science project than a son."

steve-o said...

Seriously, when I would listen to Imus, I'd cringe when he'd mention his kid. It seems all Wyatt can do for amusement is play chess, walk on the treadmill, and work at the ranch in the summer (if the kid enjoys it, great; but if not, tough shit, apparently). He also would say that all Wyatt watches is news programs (but strangely also said that he watches "Talladega Nights" at least once a day). But mainly, his father is a mean-spirited prick, who would probably scream at the poor kid for using the wrong fork during their vegan dinner.

gabagool said...

Read some of the RANCH EMPLOYEE stories on the net. Nice insight to his really fucked up family relations. His wife is a Dbag, with a capital D. Their kid WILL go off the deep end, and that ranch is a joke. For what they spend on ONE kid, they could help 10 by just donating the cash.

God, I hate his wife. Read the feedback at concerning her "book" on vegan cooking. Eye opening to say the least.

Anonymous said...

The book is "Cooking for Kids and Cowboys"; the problem is, you don't know if the negative reviews are legit, or from Howard Stern fans who haven't even seen it. Imus and Stern are both starfucking douchebags, so the rivalry among their fans is meaningless. As for the book, I tend to believe that kids would rather eat their own fingers than vegan food. Or should I say vegan "food."

Lucky for Wyatt, Imus is full of shit about the vegan nonsense. A vegan, protein-free diet would result in a resentful bag of bones who will need a heart transplant Radiothon when he's 16.

chuckie said...

Oh man, I remember that book. She would be blathering on about how every detergent in the world except the one she was being paid to endorse was killing the planet, and he would wake up and interrupt her: "We're talking to Dierdre Imus, author of this fabulous, fabulous book, 'Cooking for Kids and Cowboys.' I keep a copy of it in every Hummer at the ranch" and lapse back into his coma.

By the way, his salsa SUCKS! It's an overpriced jar of diced tomatoes.

gabagool said...

Her "vegan" cook book has eggs, cheese and canned products in it.
Its a complete joke. If shes a real vegan, I'm the king of siam. Plus who the fuck can put together a combo as STUPID as that? Vegan cooking at a COWBOY CATTLE ranch??? Only in america.

Good think she loves Imus for Imus.