Thursday, June 19, 2008

WWCJS (What would Colonel Jessep Say...This is the section where Colonel Jessep responds to a pressing question from the show today)

Today we extend the boundaries just a bit. Mikeandthemadblog (serving as Lt. Kaffe) grills (serving as Kendrick) about why they originally tried to kill our site:


No, you may not.

Have I done something to offend you?

No, I like all you mike and the mad dog blogs. Every time we've gotta go someplace and fight mike and chris , you fellas always give it a try.

MIKEANDTHEMADBLOG, do you think our blog was nearly murdered?

mikeandthemadblog, I believe in God, and in his son Jesus Christ, and because I do, I can say this: Your blog was almost dead and that's a tragedy. But it almost died because you had no code. Your blog was nearly over because you had no honor. And the Admin was watching.


Anonymous said...

I posted this in your other thread about this, but figured it might be appropriate here as well.

Just continue on with your fine blog. Internet "feuds" are pretty lame IMO. They acknowledged the mistake, it's time to move on. Gun to my head, I say both sites should move on.

Anonymous said...

It's only natural; you can't tell your boss or your mother-in-law to fuck off, so you take it out on some douche who will never know who you are.

Besides, that other site is full of self-congratulatory punks who live to suck up to Keith Hernandez and Sid Rosenberg.

DF said...

If you inundate us with too many WWCJS posts & references, the Few Good Men blogs are going to rip you a new asshole.