Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mike Knows Something...

I am convinced that Francesca knows something.. he made a sly comment in the middle of the debate of whether it was Wilpons call or Omar's call on Willie's firing.

Mike said "How do you know that Willie and Omar didn't exchange words?"

That is the kind of thing that Francesca tosses out without backing up but I believe means that he knows something behind the scenes.

The big question is what happened that causes the firing to happen on Monday night? The Mets won the game. Why fire him then? Chris also said that John Heyman told him that Omar told Willie on the bus that his job was safe.

If what Heyman says is true (and who knows if it was), then what happened in between the bus ride and a win over one of the top teams in baseball to cause Willie to get fired?

Did Omar go in to talk to Willie post game and Willie got annoyed, said some things, was feeling a little cocky after two straight wins and basically told Omar to shove it. Omar got pissed since he has been defending Willie all this time and in an act of frustration fired Willie?

I believe Mike knows something. I just think he is the cat who ate the canary and he is close to Omar and I believe that he is trying to leak that something went down.


First Time, Long Time said...

Sam, I couldn't disagree with you more on this. I think the deal is this: Mike is friendly with Omar. Omar has always told Mike that he has the final say on all these sorts of decisions and never wanted to let Mike in on the fact that the Wilpons really have the final call. So Omar has always lead Mike to believe he makes the calls. Mike is tight with him, so when the firing goes down, he doesn't want to think his buddy Omar misled him, so he backs up the fact that Omar made the call. The only logical way to explain the firing is how Chris has been explaining it - that the Wilpons wanted Willie out and Omar tried to fight them off for as long as possible, and they told Omar to go out there and can Willie no matter what Monday night. They didnt want to do it on Father's Day. Plus, it didnt even happen at the Stadium, so if your "fight" theory was true, then why wouldn't the firing just happen there on the spot? Sam, you did nice work with Lt. Kaffe back in the day, but right about now you're sounding more like the defeated Captain Ross.

lt sam weinberg said...

WHY ON MONDAY? Why not Monday before the game? Why Monday after the game? If the Wilpons wanted him out no matter what, why didn't Willie get fired on Saturday after the final game of the double header? WHY?
Omar has been defending Willie the whole time and fought off the Wilpons. If the Wilpons wanted him out and they didn't want to deal with father's day, then they could've done it on Saturday, even in between games, but they didn't because OMAR WAS STOPPING THEM.

I believe that something had to happen to get Omar over to the Wilpons side. There was a divide here. There was the Wilpons and then there was Omar. That's what you kept hearing, that Omar was defending Willie and that the Wilpons wanted him out.

Something changed here and Omar crossed over.

gman26 said...

Breaking News: Tony Bernazard has to go. This might lead to the NL pennant.

First Time, Long Time said...

Sam...you're reaching for something that isn't there. Did I ever tell you about your father? One of the best bloggers in internet history. And if I was this blog and I had a choice between you and your father blogging on this site, I would choose you everyday and twice on Sunday. You should have seen the way you fired away at my last comment. But here's the thing and there's no getting around it, neither yourself nor Mr. Lt Weinberg Sr. have a clue on this topic. The Wilpons couldn't take it any longer. Maybe they didn't like Willie's continuous humorous press conferences. Maybe they just wanted him on the plane to LA because they are superstitious. I'm an educated man, but I'm afraid I can't speak to the firing habits of Omar Minaya. What I do know is that he was set to keep Willie as manager and then the Wilpons called. Now is this really what Omar wanted? A bullseye on his back? Please tell me that he didn't just point the gun at himself now..