Monday, June 9, 2008

And Away We Go..

Lots to talk about today in the world of sports. A lot for Mike and the Mad Dog to digest. If you are tuning in at 1:04PM for the open of the show, what topic are you guessing (or hoping) that MMD start out with:

A) The New York Mess (aka The Mets. The Willie Watch will be back on. Look for Mike to jump all over this team and deservedly so. Russo will surely drop a few "That's a TERRIBLE job out of the Mets..")

B) Joba's brilliant performance (I mean really, since when is 3 runs in 4 1/3 innings not the stuff of legend?)

C) Big Brown's Big Failure (Mike will surely explain how he knew this would happen or educate us on exactly what transpired)

D) French Open (Ok, we know this won't be the lead, but the bigger question is will Dog get this in his opening intro "A lot to talk about in the world of sports today. The Mets continue to be an enigma, ok Joba did his thing, Big Brown, great job out of Nadal...)

E) NBA Finals (MMD hate Kobe and are rooting for the Celtics so they could try to work this in early)

F) TBD Topic (this can range from Timmy's little league game to Francesa's complaining about the heat this weekend to Sal Licata's 3 for 4 day in his baseball league)

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