Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Call with Chris Today

I called in a short while ago to tee off on the SNY Met broadcast team and how they have done a terrible job with their praise of Jerry Manuel since he took over the team, and how it borders on unprofessional because it clearly shows their dislike of Willie Randolph. Russo very much agreed with me. I also finished the call with a Tony B. reference: "And another thing chris, do I need to read in the Post today that after the game, the mets had a powwow about their offense with Manuel, hojo and Tony Bernazard?What is Bernazard doing in these meetings!!!" Russo was unaware of that and apparently hadn't read the Mets beat reporter's article in today's Post. He questioned if we should believe it because it was in the Post. His words ""Do you want to trust the Post on this? You've got to be careful with the Post. The Post can do strange things." I told Chris it was written by their beat reporter. We'll see if he goes and reads the article now.

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gabagool said...

JUst because he WORKS in NY, as a SPORTS TALK SHOW HOST, and his station is s METS station, and MOST of his calls concern NY BASEBALL, and the METS MANAGERIAL CHANGE has been big news, you really don't expect CHRIS RUSSO to actually try and keep UP TO DATE INFORMED on this stuff, especially stuff from an obscure newspaper like the NY POST, do ya?

Youre obviously a hater.