Monday, June 23, 2008

More on Mike and the Mad Dog Breakup

Neil Best continues reporting on the possible Mike and the Mad Dog breakup,0,2265963.column

Best reinforces his belief that this not simply a contract negotiation tactic but rather the real deal.

Chris will have to address the issue. Callers were asking Malusis about it late last night.

The big question for fans of the show is what do you think should happen if Mike and Chris split? I would think that one of them will likely go to Sirus and get their own show. I also for some reason think that Chris would stay. Mike probably thinks he has a lot of tv options, maybe he does something for the NFL Network and then does a Sirus radio show.

If Chris remained I do not believe that he should have his own show, so who would you partner with Russo?
What in your opinion happens to Mike?


First Time, Long Time said...

Sam...this really is a fascinating story. First I think if this is indeed true, I am guessing that Mike has something else already up his sleeve. Maybe Bill is hiring him to oversee football operations for the Dolphins. Seriously, he must have something. Mike's "No Comment" does seem to speak volumes. But would someone like Mike really be happy on SIRIUS? I think he would be thrilled with the money they would throw at him, but I don't know if his ego would hold up with a satellite radio show. Chris with another partner would take a LOT of getting used to. And I don't know that WFAN currently has the right personality to team up with him.

lt sam weinberg said...

The big question is whether Chris will address the issue today or simply talk about:
Malusis bachelor party, Jerry Manuel's manure comment, the Farnsworth injury, and that the Mets still have about 20 games to prove that they are any good..

I urge fans to call in today and make Russo deal with the issue. Today they are the news and need to answer the question.