Monday, June 23, 2008

Lt. Weinberg calls out Russo

Lt. Weinberg is being modest. He called into the FAN a little while ago and asked Russo straight up if he had spoken with Mike since the article. Russo was caught a bit off guard and could only muster up "No I haven't. I usually don't talk to Mike when we are on vacation." Uhh Doggie, I am guessing you usually don't wake up to stories of your show being history either when you guys are on vacation. He did offer up a weak "I should talk to Mike" at the end of the call. Good job Sam.


lt sam weinberg said...

these two have some serious problems if it took my call to get Russo to realize that maybe he should give mike a call. i mean it's not like it was some mushnick article saying that Mike is arrogant and Chris doesn't know what he is talking about.

Mike's no comment still lingering out there.

dj said...

I heard that call. Well done, Lt.! Between these two and Imus showing his true colors (no pun intended) once again, NY talk radio is getting pretty interesting.