Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Francesa on Strahan

We found out early the tone of things concerning Mike and the Mad Dog and Strahan. Mike started the show with this statement:

"We'll open with Strahan so everyone out there who thought that we wouldn't just to be petty will lose their bets. So the guys who were out there saying 'No way will Mike and the Mad Dog open with Strahan because of their relationship' all lost their bets because we will open with Strahan."

The key thing here to notice is that Mike said that they would open with it just to spite everyone that said they wouldn't. But that is the only reason. They are not opening with the Strahan retirement because they doom it news-worthy. They are doing so to prove all the naysayers wrong. Classic MMD.

Update: At 1:12PM, while discussing Strahan's possible future doing analyst work on a network's pre-game shows, Francesa declared: "Take a slot on one of the pre-game shows, that's all. That's what he's meant to do, I mean, I have no problem with that."

Thanks Mike. Now that we know you have no problem with that, we'll give Strahan the heads-up that you have ok'd his move to television.


Anonymous said...

Great blog. But, you have to give mike credit for admitting that he doesn't like strahan. it would be worse if he would trash strahan and deny he doesn't like him

First Time, Long Time said...

Agreed Anonymous...but he has to leave that out of the equation when judging these athletes..i dont care about his personal feeling towards athletes. I just want his take on things.