Monday, June 23, 2008

WFAN EXEC: Russo/Francesa Break-Up May Be True

WFAN executives reached this morning confirmed the possible break-up of the wildly successful Mike and the Mad Dog radio show. One insider actually pointed to Chris Russo as the culprit. "Russo just hasn't been putting up the same effort in recent months and it has really gotten on Mike's nerve," reports one WFAN exec, who asked to remain nameless. Apparently, several things have set off Francesa. Our insider suggested that a heated debate about the bathrooms at the new Yankee Stadium initiated this feud ( "Mike was livid. He simply needs better bathrooms. It’s vital. Here at WFAN we have a bathroom that only he uses, it’s part of his contract. He actually was in on the designs for the new bathrooms at the stadium.” Francesa was further enraged last week when Russo was quoted as saying "Bronson Arroyo is terrible." Arroyo, as loyal listeners know, is represented by Russo's co-host Mike Francesa. "For Chris to call out Arroyo like that really agitated Mike. Mike was so annoyed that he tried to call in to the show, but the lines were busy and he couldn't get through," continued the WFAN exec we spoke with. But it all came to a head on Friday, reports our source. "I think the straw that broke the camel's back was when Chris had Ryan Braun on the show as a guest. Mike was off that day, but was listening and immediately called in to complain about the Braun spot to WFAN hierarchy. Mike, like much of the listening audience had no clue why Russo would have a conversation with Braun. He felt it was simply the most terrible of terrible jobs and no longer wants to work with someone who would interview Ryan Braun when he could’ve talked with Jim Nantz for the 15th time in two weeks or Jon Heyman for the 900th time this month.” Stay tuned for further updates.


gabagool said...

Hey Mike. Fuck off. And die.

I can't believe this guys is such a dick that I actually defended Sad dog. Geez.

Anonymous said...

This post is a joke right? Mike was consulted for the Yankee stadium bathroom design. That's a good one. And Mike couldn't get on the air? Uh huh.

If you didn't make that up, then I will go out on a limb and guess that someone is pulling your leg.