Monday, June 23, 2008


Here we go with Chris segment one and he opens talking about his parking spot being gone. And then..


"In the middle of making sure a two year old doesn't walk into the deep end of the pool.. and lamenting losing a tennis match, Neil Best gives me him a call."

Russo said that from Easter until May 9th, Mike and he were having BIG issues, including the Manny Ramirez debate, the Youkulis issue at Belmont, the Yankee Stadium bathroom issue, Shaq to the Phoenix Suns and the Spurs in the finals. Russo said that Mike and he were called into Chernoff's office to discuss their issues and they both apologized to each other, and since then, Chris was under the impression that things were ok (despite a few other arguments since then) and was shocked to see the article in the paper. He maintains they are under contract and that is that.

The big issue still lingering here is that Mike refused to comment and we don't have his word on this. Chris can we get Mike on today to discuss the issue? Or can you give your response to Mike's "no comment."

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gabagool said...

Mike and class. Goes together, don't it. Just add the word NO.