Thursday, June 19, 2008

Did Mike Just Really Say This?

"The way things worked out, the yankees needed Joba in the starting rotation."

Uhh, Mike, you killed this move over and over again and killed the callers who praised this move. Now you just had the audacity to say that "the yankees needed Joba in the starting rotation." Yes, you did say "give the Yankees credit" but where was the following line "I was mistaken." Cmon Mikey. You thing people are going to buy your take on this? And then because any day wouldn't be complete without an Arroyo mention, Mike got it out of the way early: "I'd like to see them go get Bronson Arroyo." Coming off unprepared again, he then asked Eddie Erickson when Arroyo pitches again and Eddie told him he pitched last night. A simple look at the box scores in any paper would have told you that Mikey. And then he brushed off Bronson's bad performance that Eddie just told him about "I still like him." Shocking.

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