Thursday, June 5, 2008

WFAN Production Meeting

Here at the blog, we've often wondered about what a typical pre-MMD show production meeting is like. Here is our best guess:

Time: 12:55PM, Location: WFAN Cafeteria (Seated inside cafeteria are Program Director Eric Spitz, Mike Francesa and Russo)

Spitz: Mike, Chris. Lot to talk about in the world of sports today.

Chris: Spitzy fired up today Mike.

Mike: I’m not sure what that means.

Spitz: What do you guys think we should open the show with?

Chris (fiddling with his headset in his hands, ignoring Spitz): Mike, I am telling you, I cannot root for this Dutrow (pronounces it DUHTRUH).

Mike (reading through the classifieds of the NY Post, also ignoring Spitz): He’s making it tough Dog, he’s making it tough.

Chris: I mean, could ya PLEASE pipe down.

Mike: Gonna be tough to beat him.

Eric Spitz: Uhh guys, today’s show. We’ve got the Stanley Cup, Mets playing well, Yanks, NBA Finals starting. Where should we start today?

Chris: Mike, did you see there’s a new JFK book that’s out?

Mike: I heard some grumblings about it from a few people I know. Tough spot for a book right now.

Chris: That’s a good point Mike. Weather getting nice, you got the politics, NBA Finals. Very tough spot. VERY GOOD JOB Mike.

Eric Spitz: Guys, we’re on the air in a minute.

60 seconds later

Chris: And Goood Afternoooon Everybodyyyyyyyy!!!! And how are you today Mike?

Mike: I’m fine.

Chris: Where do you want start today? We got the NBA Finals, GREATTT ending to the hockey game, Mets, Yanks, we'll get to the antics of Eddie Erickson at the Adam Sandler movie premiere a little later...Where do you want to start?

Mike: Wherever.

Chris: Well Mike I was about to turn the TV off and go to sleep and I flick it over to NBC, final 2 minutes and the Penguins score to make it a one goal game. A terrific job out of Pittsburgh to make it interesting.

Mike: Dog, nobody cares about the NHL. We can’t start with hockey.

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