Friday, June 13, 2008


With Francesa on his own today, the great debate rages on. When is the Mike and the Mad Dog show best - Mike alone, Dog alone, or them together? If I get nostalgic about things, I go back to the 90's when there was real tension between the two. They did not like each other. As a result, when they would do solo shows back then, it was almost a relief. We didn't have to worry about mom and dad fighting. So, I liked them alone a lot better back then. Now, I'm not so sure. I think they've found a groove. One thing is sure, is when Mike is alone, he's a lot nicer. Not nice, but nicer. When Russo is around, he doesn't have to concentrate on the radio stuff. Dog has the kill switch. So Mike can tee off on callers, while Dog holds their arms. Alone, Mike doesn't have as much bite. In that way, he very much is like a child. With his best buddy, they can be cool together and beat up on weaker kids. But alone, it's like he wants approval. Which dynamic do you like the best?


gabagool said...

Me personally, I like it a hell of a lot more when they go solo. Why? Simple. They take more calls. I always say thats why I listen. Because they are the ONLY show that I can recieve that takes a somewhat steady stream of calls from fans of New York teams. I listen for the callers, ALMOST never to hear what THEY have to say. Many, many of the callers have more knowledge than the dynamic duo.

chris said...

I like Dog solo, unless we're in the midst of a tennis tournament. Callers pick fights with him, or complain about Mike, and he's not so quick to cut them off -- unless they use bad language (to Dog, that's the word "sucks"). And, like Mike, he's nicer (well, less of a dick anyway) when he's alone.