Thursday, June 19, 2008


Day baseball at Yankee Stadium.. Second inning, bases loaded and no out. Joba got out of it and after striking the batter out went to the much criticized fist pump.

Since there was so much criticism of Joba's fist pumping during his time in the bullpen, much of it led by Mike and Chris, I wondered whether this was going to be a "good fist pump" or a "bad fist pump."

I waited anxiously for Mike's analysis.. I waited.. I waited... NOTHING. Did Mike miss the fist pump? Has he as, First Time Long Time reported in the previous post, changed his tune completely on Joba. Will we soon hear that Mike loves the fist pump?

Still i am waiting, I am not sure how to feel about this Joba fist pump. Good or bad? Bush league or product of emotion? What is it Mike, please tell me so then and only then will i cheer or boo this display or either good or bad emotion by Joba.


First Time, Long Time said... stole my thunder. I was WAITING for Mike's comments b/c that was a BIG fist pump for the 2nd inning. But Mike dares not criticize Joba anymore. Also just said the mets dont produce position players. Hmm, where did Reyes and Wright come from?

gabagool said...

Can someone explain to me this. They criticize a person who is ACTUALLY playing the game, in front of 55,000 people and millions more on tv and radio. They criticize him because he gets really pumped up and explodes.

They these two fat, repulsive, disrespectful, lazy sobs get fired up, yell, insult and scream.....simply TALKING about sports. Not playing. Not competing, not sweating. Just talking. ANd they rag a Joba for getting a bit excited. Pacman, anyone?

tommy boy said...

Why does John Franco get a lifetime pass for showing up batters worse than Joba could ever dream of? Is it Mad Dog's "let him be in the league for more than 13 minutes, will ya please?" logic? Yeah, I'm sure that as a rookie, Franco bowed respectfully toward his strikeout victims, but over the years became a showboating jerk.