Thursday, June 19, 2008


Bill, a man with dreams, a job, maybe a wife and a kid and a simple opinion that Bronson Arroyo is perhaps not the best fit for the New York Yankees called in and said that he does not believe that Bronson Arroyo is a good pitcher for the Yankees.

There was a rumbling that emerged for the WFAN offices in Astoria, Queens that some would compare to Mt St Helens. How dare anyone say the great Bronson Arroyo is not a good pitcher. He has an over 5 ERA and he got killed last night (which Mike was unaware of) yet somehow he is the perfect pitcher for this team and how dare anyone, anyone say anything negative about the great Bronson Arroyo?

Bill will now simply hang up the phone, return to his simple life, with his simple opinions and never again speak of the great Bronson Arroyo.



First Time, Long Time said...

Sam...the best part is that when Mike was screaming "HE PITCHES IN A BANDBOX!!!" - Bill responded by bringing up Arroyo's home/road splits and Mike cut him off. Had he allowed the comment, Mike would have learned that Arroyo has a 6.00 ERA on the road. Hmm, Mike, how do you explain that?

gabagool said...

......that Mike was NOT aware of............AGAIN.