Friday, June 27, 2008


Delgado set a Mets record today with 9 RBI. A 2 run double, a grand slam, a 3 run homer. So instead of giving Carlos a tad of credit, here's what the big man had to say between games: "You throw 3-1 fastballs and even someone that's 100 years old can hit it. The last 7 RBI’s were mail order RBI’s. They don’t count...I can hit the 3-1 fastball from Ohlendorf out of the ballpark!!!"

Mike is going nuts on the Yankee pitching and the pitching in the game today: "The first 5 innings set pitching back 100 years. Pelfrey throws 95 and won’t challenge anybody. This was the worst 5 innings played in the history of baseball. To have a $220 million payroll and put this slop on the mound, it’s an utter embarrassment. You CANNOT have these pitchers on your team..And Pelfrey's AFRAID TO THROW THE BALL."

Hey Mike, this ain't about Pelfrey today.


gman26 said...
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big brown said...

Now, what if they had served up those "room service pitches" to Manny and he rang up 9 RBIs? Would Mike be so quick to dismiss his accomplishment? Hell no.

gman26 said...

He is the most negative person in the history of the world.

Delgado is 100 years old now. But yet this centenarian can come up with 9 RBI. Can someone who is 100 years old hit 2HRs. an aside - I was at Bobby V's when Delgado hit 4HRs. Karim Garcia was there with some fringe Yankee and 2 girls. When Delgado went yard for the 4th time, I held up 4 fingers for Karim. He just nodded in respect.

DF said...

Did they publish a new "Register & Ranking of the Most Negative People in the World"?

I must have an old copy and was unawares that Mikey moved into the top spot.

gabagool said...

No, Mike. You couldn't hit that 3 and 1 fastball out of the park....NO.

Anonymous said...

Mike's hipocrisy at work -- a few years ago he tore a caller a new one for saying "Gimme a million bucks, I'll get in the ring with Tyson." Mike roared back, "No one would PAY you a million bucks, what the hell are you talking about?!" But Mike can talk about getting an at-bat in the majors.