Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What We've Learned from the Press Conference

As we wait for the showdown of Omar vs Mike and Chris we have learned a few things from the press conference

1. Omar Minaya is not a good speaker
2. Omar Minaya is a hugger
3. Bobby Cox has a special hiding spot at Shea Stadium
4. Jerry Manuel likes to start every answer with "that's a very good question"

I am hoping that Mike and Chris ask some better questions than the press just did.

What did you learn? Anything?


First Time, Long Time said...

Sam, here are a few other things I learned:

- You can't fire a man in uniform

- The fact that Omar KEPT emphasizing it was his decision makes me NOT believe that at all

- That I don't care that it was just a kid from Brooklyn talking to a kid from Queens

- That Jerry Manuel is going to freshen up Carlos Beltran. What kind of bath products will he use?

Gregg Hopps said...

Omar also says okay a lot. Did you notice, okay, after every sentence, okay, that Omar, okay, said okay? Okay?

gman26 said...

"Um, you know, uh, look" is the standard sentence starter for Ed Coleman.

frasier crane said...

Omar is full of shit; he knows it, he knows the media knows it but won't say it to his face, and anyone who does challenge him will just get double-talk and time-wasting phrases like "Okay..." and "know what I'm saying?" and then Omar will have to end the interview.

First Time, Long Time said...

frasier...completely agree. I do not for one second believe that Omar made the call here. To me, this was all Wilpon. And Omar has to take the bullets. Now Omar really has problems speaking. It's very bad.

gabagool said...

Ha! Yeah, your right, Coleman always says Look, because he is ALWAYS trying to put a good spin on the mets. He won't out and out LIE, but he does his best to paint a good picture. He seems like a decent guy. I also get a feeling that he really can't stand Fatso and fruitloops. But, again, just a hunch....