Friday, May 30, 2008

MMD breakdown Wilt's 100-point game

This goes out to Gregg Hopps. He wanted to know how Mike and the Mad Dog would have dissected Wilt Chamberlain's 100 point game, if they had been on the air back then.

Russo: “Good afternoon, everybody!! How are you today? On this Monday afternoon, March 3rd, 1962 on the Fan. WPIX is piggybacking. Hello, Mikey.”

Francesa: “Dog.”

Russo: “Well, Mike, the lead story today is the Knicks. Their defense is atrocious! They give up 169 points. Chamberlain has 100 of them. I mean, come onnnn. Could ya please put a man on Chamberlain? That’s horrible job out of Eddie Donovan. It’s his first year as coach, but the fans at the Garden are going to run him out of here with anymore nights like that.”

Francesa: “Dog, I’ve never been a big fan of Donovan and I am not a big fan of these athletes padding their stats. Chamberlain’s playing with Al Attles and Paul Arazin. Neither whom are a slouch. How about passing it once or twice? That would be nice. I can’t take Chamberlain seriously until he wins a title. He can score all the points he wants. But right now, the two most important numbers are 3…and…Zero. Russell and the Celtics have won 3 titles. Chamberlain. Zilch.”

Russo: “That is true, Mikey. Chamberlain in a tough spot(hyperventilating laughter creeping in), you start hearing Patsy Cline singing, I Fall To Pieces.(lots of laughter)."

Francesa: "I just don't trust him in a big spot."

Russo: "My wife, Jeannie won't stop singing that song. She loves Patsy...Still 100 points for the Stilt. Speaking of big performances, the Oscars are coming up. Who do you like, Mikey?”

Francesa “I haven’t seen any of the movies this year. I can’t offer an opinion.”

Russo “Sophia Loren is nominated for best actress.”

Francesa “She is a knockout. I would see anything that she is in.”


First Time, Long Time said...

Gman, what do you think the vibe of the callers would have been that day?

gman26 said...

There probably would have been only a few callers. Back then, there weren't unlimited calling plans, so it would have cost a lot of money to stay on hold. The ones that did call in would have been very disgruntled about the Knicks and in admiration of Wilt's feat. No doubt they would have some potential trades in mind for Wilt. Then MMD would laugh off their trades, saying that there was no way Philly would let go of him.

Gregg Hopps said...

Thanks guys, I appreciate it!! As usual laugh out loud funny. thanks again.

lt sam weinberg said...

i thought that there was a really good conversation mike and chris had on babe ruth's called shot. where is that one?

gman26 said...

cut it down. And have people vote on it.

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