Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stormy Wednesday

A lot of controversy swarming over the two New York baseball teams makes for a very interesting and potentially tense show today. First, on the Randolph side of things, Gman pointed out this morning, " Ok. Now Willie is not long for New York. I think this will seal the deal. Not necessarily soon, but it will happen. this also ensures very awkward segments with Mike and Dog. They won't see any racism. They're callers will be sometimes openly racist. It's going to be a rough day on the show."

Mike and the Dog navigating through race issues is somewhat akin to watching Private Downey on the stand. You know they believe wholeheartedly what they are saying, as did Private Downey ("Pick up and me did it in 45 flat"), but you are just waiting for them to somehow put their foot in their mouths, just like Downey ("Well, how could you be in your barracks room at 1620 if you didn't make it back to the Windward barracks until 1645?).

The only difference here is that Captain Ross isn't here to nail Mike and Chris. That's up to the callers, who often come off sounding as shaky as Lt. Galloway with her "strenuous objection."

What does this all mean? Well, throw in the abysmal performance by the Yankees last night and both teams are going to have to deal with the "bulletts, and the bombs and the blood" today from Francesa and Russo.

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