Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mike and Chris Drop the Ball with Jon Heyman

For ONCE in the history of the Jon Heyman report, Heyman actually gave us something. He was reporting on a real life actual thing that happened (not his typical "I agree Mike...Good point Chris" nonsense)..He got into it with Delgado. Now many of us saw the exchange on SNY yesterday, but we learned something new here - that Delgado tracked down Heyman afterwards and continued "berating" him about the question. This is big news to me. Here is what Heyman had to say:

"I asked him should Willie be the manager...and he gave me a big wink so I could see he wasn't too happy with the question and then he added if I was going to be an A---(Hole), he could be an A---(Hole), and then he starts telling me what a bad question it was, and I said well it's a question on everybody's mind, so later, I guess he wasn't satisfied with our exchange, he came up to me within one inch of me, one inch away from me, eyeball to eyeball, and again was berating me about the question..."

As a fan, the follow-up question needs to be any of the following:

a) What do you mean he got eyeball to eyeball with you and was berating you?
b) What exactly did he say when he re-approached you?
c) What did you say back?
d) How did the exchange end?

But no, instead we got "So you got the impression he's not a big Willie fan?" from Mad Dog. This is what I am talking about where Mike and Chris are sometimes not on the top of their game with the Heyman interviews. Usually, you can blow over everything Jon has to say because 99% of it is not news. But here finally, we had news and Mike and Chris dropped the ball in a major way.

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